Friday, January 13, 2012

Maybelline Review

Today I've done two blogs, because i wanted to get this review in for you guys. I love Maybelline Makeup, to me its just great makeup for its price, i recommend it over Revlon. But this one was a shocker to me. I bought this just because i thought it might be really amazing since Maybelline does wonderful face makeup, like the 24 Hour Stay that I use as a staple. So... few days ago i saw this new line from them , the one i wanted to try right away was "Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam".... First of all, their Dream Matte Mouse is another amazing product, so of course i thought it would amaze me as well. Don't waste your time with this Nude Airfoam.. to me its pointless... you know that feeling when you put on liquid makeup but if its really runny it makes your face look like its melting... yeah this was it... the foam came out great, but as soon as i touched it to apply to my face it created this watery liquid makeup but just wasn't blending well. I instantly washed my face and used the 24 Hour Stay.


I will try it again after i figure it some tricks toward it and let you know it goes..

 I am curious about some other new Maybelline Products like their new eyeshadow... let me know what you've tried  :)

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