Friday, January 13, 2012

My latest Obsessions.....

So lately I've been obsessed with few different things.. all different categories but still none the less still obsessed!!!!!

1. Peach Tea & Vanilla Caramel Tea. These two have me hooked lately. I love tea with passion, so much that I even worked at a Tea House when i was in College my freshman year.  Tea is a great alternative for coffee lovers but with a better benefit. When I worked at a tea house, the fruit teas were a medley of dried fruit. Its amazing if you see something like that at a store or anywhere, TRY IT!!!! Its probably the best type of tea and GOOD for you.

2. Office Space. For those unfamiliar with this. Its a movie, that's from the late 90's. My boyfriend made me watch it one night few months ago and ever since I've loved this movie. If you get to watch it even on the computer DO IT! or even youtube it to see some parts so you get the idea :)
3. My new Necklace. its made out of Abalone Shell and Sterling Silver.  I named it Abalone Bib Necklace.   You can't find this in store :) it's made by ME!!! Since i have my own personal jewelry business i make myself my own jewelry when i need something new :) But if you like it it can be requested at my website  & for Facebook Users you can follow the page Natasha Russia Designs

Sorry for the crappy photo took it with Instagram.. so image quality is not as clear.

4. Tool Structure Tortoise Backcomber

 My sorority sisters introduced me to this few years ago, one of my girls who loves teased hair showed me this tool and how to use it. You can find it at any Sally's Beauty Supply

its seriously an amazing hair tool for the ladies that love hair volume. Best part its not a splurge, its under $2.00!! 

 Thanks for following!! :)


  1. hey hun I've awarded you the creative blogger award check my blog for info xx

  2. the necklace is gorgeous! x

  3. I love herb tea so much but never seeem peach flavor here:O sounds like yummy!

  4. teasing comb looks like such a god-send, will have to try this out! x