Wednesday, January 4, 2012

welcome to 2012.. :)

This is way late but i been sick lately, and i can not get rid of this flu. i do practically everything to stop being sick.
1.tea & honey & lemon - russian way
2. hot milk & honey- ukrainian way.
3. Flu medicine day and night- American way.

any ideas what i can do? maybe your family has neat secrets :)


So, I'm really excited its a new year, because to me its simply a fresh start. I've never been a person to do
the resolutions nor i ever will be. To me any change that i encounter or want to achieve will be on my own.
But i do go through change quiet often., that feeling when you wake up one morning and have an idea that
you just want to change something.

Ex: Im a natural dark brunette, but when i came to the US all the natural sunlight gave me highlighs and brightened my hair to lighter browns. Right before I graduated high school and went to college, i was a Platinum Blonde. Yes, Blonde! it was spring last year and i woke up and wanted to be Brunette again. its been 5 years of my blonde and now i wanted to go back to be natural. thats why in current pictures my hair looks darker in the roots. Its still growing. So hence the bad roots :( but im really being patient.

From this:

To this: 

Hopefully my hair will be all grown out in its natural color by summer :)

So anyway, what have been your biggest change this year?


  1. lol american way.. so true lmao

    you should follow my blog!

  2. Great pics:) My biggest change is to stick to going to the gym! Lovely blog

  3. @hollie I know that's always a challenge for me too but I go do outdoor sports instead! It's fun and a workout without staring at an elliptical screen lol

  4. You are so gorgeous. Love your blog so much. I am your newest follower, please follow my blog back...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥

  5. i have no secerets the flu is evil x